Puddle Jumper Giveaway!!

Posted by admin on January 3rd, 2009 . Filed under: Win It! .

One of my favorite websites to visit daily is Baby Steals! They have the BEST deals on very high quality baby products! And they’re having me giveaway a pair of Puddle Jumper shoes! I’m totally in love with these!! I have a size 14 (9-12 months) in Black – Yellow Two-Tone puddle jumpers to giveaway to one lucky reader!  :LOL: Contest ends on January 6th 2009 @ midnight central time, I’ll be closing comments then!!


How to win? Visit babysteals.com, tell me what the steal of the day is with a comment on this post and you’re entered! You can earn a second entry by making a blog post about the contest and linking back to this post. And then you can even earn a third entry by sending the following tweet to your Twitter followers: @cupcake85 from design85.com is giving away a pair of Puddle Jumpers! Enter to win at http://tinyurl.com/82cxn3

26 Responses to Puddle Jumper Giveaway!!

  1. mj

    Dwell Baby Bib & Burp Set

  2. mj

    Tweeted! http://twitter.com/sumrthyme

  3. Nancy

    Those would be SO adorable to send to my little nephews! Or keep them for a baby girl, maybe if I win I’ll mail them to Ashley who just had her girly :) hehe

    Okay so the baby steal of the day is: Clover in Blossom Bib Burp Set

  4. Claudia

    As of right now the steal is Dwell Baby Bib & Burp Set. Spreading the word for you ;)

  5. Carolsue

    The Dwell Baby Bib & Burp Set is the Steal of the Day. I’d love to win these shoes for my daughter!

  6. Carolsue

    I am on my way to post this onto my blog! Right here!

  7. Robyn

    The steal of the day is the Dwell Baby Bib & Burp Set!

    Cute giveaway!!

  8. Jennai

    The Dwell Baby Bib & Burp Set is the Steal of the Day. The shoes are SOOO cute!
    HobartsMama AT aol.com

  9. Jennai

    I blogged about you here:
    HobartsMama AT aol.com

  10. Betty R.~Simply Southern

    wow! I have never been to baby steals..thank you so much for the intro i will be returning there..
    the steal of the day is The Bumble Collection Natalie Travel Tote with Hannah and Haley Snack Bags !!!wow,only 69.36 ..that is a steal..I would love to win these shoes for the grand.they are so very cute..enter me please and happy new year to you.

  11. Betty R.~Simply Southern

    2nd entry (would love to win!perfect size i need)

    oldwaybecomesnewagain~simply southern 2009 sunday giveaways

    blogged you here

  12. Betty R.~Simply Southern

    tweeted you!

    thanks again and i dooooooooo hope i win!


  13. Stacie

    The steal of the day is The Bumble Collection Natalie Travel Tote with Hannah and Haley Snack Bags.

  14. Stacie

    I tweeted the giveaway. I’m mysticconn.

  15. Jessa

    Aw, those shoes are adorable! I’ll have to remember this site for when I finally decide to have some babies of my own. :]

  16. megan

    The Bumble Collection Natalie Travel Tote with Hannah and Haley Snack Bags is today aka sunday

  17. mistress meeyee

    The dwell baby set is a great steal! I want those shoes!! My baby Jack would be the cutest baby on the block with those shoes on!

  18. Erika

    The milk lush mypad is the steal of the day today! :) Just giving my shot at winning. Either way win or not…those are adorable shoes!

  19. Courtney

    Those are some adorable shoes. The steal of the day is a Milk Lush myPad. I tweeted & blogged too! :)

  20. Jeanine

    I tweeted it! :)
    So so cute these are.

    Oh and the dwell baby and burp set was the deal of the day that day, I dont know why I didnt comment that day!

    todays deal of the day is the milk lush pad!

    You are getting so close Pamela so exciting!

  21. Celeste

    DryBees All in One Hybrids

  22. Chloe

    Today’s deal:
    Drybees all in one hybrids

  23. Gloria

    Well, today’s deal is already sold out, but it is/was:
    DryBees All in One Hybrids!

  24. jayjay

    cool hope I win!

  25. marie

    Today’s deal of the day is DryBees All In One Hybrids – Set of 2

  26. Carol

    Today’s deal is DryBees All in One Hybrids.